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Opening banking account in Montenegro for foreign Companies

Opening banking account in Montenegro for foreign Companies Published: 02.apr.2024

Our company provides services for opening Bank accounts in Montenegro for non-resident legal entities. Our partners are international banks operating in Montenegro. Get free business counseling!


Business account in Montenegro

Opening of non-resident accounts in banks for legal entities on the territory of Montenegro

Our company "Galerija Jadrana LLC" Budva offers non-resident legal entities, opening accounts in reliable local and international banks in the territory of the Republic of Montenegro. Our partners are popular banks in Montenegro. We take care of all the procedures for opening an account of a non-resident company in Montenegrin banks.

For foreign companies, there are multiple advantages for opening non-resident accounts in Montenegrin banks, the main ones are:

1. Montenegrin banks do not disclose information about their customers,

2. Montenegro is not a member of the EU and the Euro Zone, but uses the euro currency (such countries include Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Vatican)

The procedure for opening an account with the Montenegrin bank takes an average of 7 days, depending on the bank and the jurisdiction of the company. The arrival of a company director in Montenegro for identification and access to Internet banking is not always mandatory, in some banks the account can be opened remotely, by a trustee, which is provided by our company "Galerija Jadrana" LLC Budva.

If the companies did not approve the opening of a non-resident account in Montenegro, usually the management of the Montenegrin bank does not explain the reasons for the refusal, but we know that the bank management is going and decides to open an account in each specific case. The bank most often wants to serve companies with experience. To new companies, banks are reluctant to open accounts. Other factors are also important, such as the location of the company, the currency with which the bank's client is working (problematic transfers in dollars), also check the beneficiaries of companies for involvement in offshore frauds, etc.

To open a non-resident account in Montenegro for a legal entity, it is necessary at the first stage to remotely fill in the application form and send it to us via email in a scanned form, along with the company's registration documents. After necessary checks, the bank may require additional documents.

Our company promotes the opening of bank accounts in Montenegro for various jurisdictions such as the Scottish, English and Irish partnerships, UK resident companies, companies from New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singaporean companies; the main thing is that the constituent documents can be traced to the ultimate beneficiary. This is one of the main criteria for the successful opening of accounts. 

The cost of the Bank's services

The bank charges a one-time tariff for opening a non-resident account in the amount of € 1500.00 to € 3500.00, depending on the jurisdiction of the company, the tariff is paid directly to the bank on the day the account is opened.

The cost of the services of the company "Galerija Jadrana" d.o.o.

The standard price of services for opening an account is € 3993.00

All taxes are included, there are no hidden charges.

Companies wishing to open an account with the Montenegrin bank are required to submit the following documents to the bank:

- Certificate of incorporation certified by Apostille in the country of incorporation of the Company

- Extract from registry, which, shows the structure of the company's owners, not older than 3 months, certified Apostille

- Copy of the passport,

- Form for identification of a politically exposed person - Political Exposed Person (PEP) of fillings and a signed sample on behalf of the beneficiary

- Power of Attorney, who has the right to open an account or manage the account and represent the company (the document must be certified by a notary)

For more information please contact us by phone: +38267378403 (Viber, WhatsApp,Telegram), or send us en email to: prevalitana@t-com.me