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Open a private bank account in Montenegro

Published: 29.jan.2023

The company "Galerija Jadrana" doo from Budva, provides its clients with high-quality support in opening personal bank accounts in Montenegro. The cost of our services for opening a personal account in Montenegro is 1452.00 euro, all taxes are included, we are working on the result. We have an excellent business reputation, as well as extensive experience and practical knowledge in the field of banking law and finance of Montenegro.

Open a Company in Montenegro

Published: 30.nov.2022

Move your business to Montenegro and legally reduce taxes to save more of your income! Start from 9% tax rate for small business! How to register a company in Montenegro? We create a plan for you that are tailored to your specific situation.

Opening banking account in Montenegro for foreign Companies

Published: 09.nov.2022

Our company provides services for opening Bank accounts in Montenegro for non-resident legal entities. Our partners are reliable local banks in Montenegro and international banks operating in Montenegro. Open your business account in Montenegro! Get free business counseling!